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Difference between the emulsifying pump and emulsifying machine
Sep 01, 2018

1. Emulsifying pump

inline  homogenizing machine.pngWhat is emulsifying pump?

The emulsifying pump is a precise combination of rotating stators, which produces strong shearing force in high-speed rotation, to achieve the purpose of mixing, crushing and emulsification. Efficient on-line dispersing equipment can be continuously processed on the pipeline. . And to eliminate the difference in quality between batches, the basic structure consists of a pump chamber and a pair of fixed rotors.

The emulsifying pump is drove by the electric, converting electrical energy into the power of high-speed rotation of bearings, then the strong shearing power to crush, emulsify, then discharging the material from the bottom of the pump.The emulsifying pump is made by the high quality stainless steel SUS316L, the material is wear resistant and rustless.

2. Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine

What is vacuum emulsifying mixer machine?The emulsifying mixer can shear, disperse, emulsify the material by the high shearing homogenizer which is connect with the motor. It help to deal the material more exquisite.

Double hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifying mixer_副本.jpg

The working principle and features of the vacuum emulsifying mixer

The high speed homogenizer form a strong mechanical shearing power, make the material is dispersed, emulsified, homogenized, broken completely, and simultaneously ejected through the stator slots. The emulsifier is a material that shears, disperses, and impacts through the high-speed rotation of a homogenizing head.

High-shear emulsifier adopts intermittent high-shear dispersion emulsifier homogenizer through high-speed and stable rotation of the rotor, the precise cooperation of rotor and stator, working head (manufactured by rotor and stator forging) adopt claw structure, double-direction suction, working efficient. The emulsifier has stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning, flexible maneuverability, continuous use, and ultra-fine dispersion and emulsification of materials. The emulsifier can be widely applied to emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of industrial production.

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