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Development trend of filling machinery
Jun 27, 2018

With the rapid growth of the wine industry in China, the production of beer, wine, yellow wine and liquor has increased continuously. The total output of drink wine (without fruit and wine, fermented alcohol) has reached 2878 thousand litres, up 8.2%. Experts pointed out that China's beverage industry is a highly developed industry, mature drink growth is stable, new hot and growth points are constantly emerging, and the growth of new drinks is faster. At the same time, China's packaging machine has grown all over the world, and the liquid food industry has a huge impact and a huge market occupation rate. Therefore, the liquid filling machine market has great potential for growth.

The liquid filling in our country is satisfied with the fast growing demand of the packaging industry, and the international competition is active. We must break through the "small and scattered" industry situation and make progress on the "high and sharp" bias. In the future, he thought that the future liquid filling machine would take the initiative of the common property, diversify the efficiency of the machine, scale the layout plan, modularized the layout plan, control the intelligentization, and make the layout high precision and so on.

Therefore, the growth of the filling machine provides a guarantee for the generation and processing of food and pharmaceuticals and mass production. Once again, it is clear that the growth potential of liquid filling machine is huge.

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