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Development of Filling Machine Industries
Nov 17, 2018

The market of filling machine drives the rapid development of many enterprises, which are used in many industries, indicating that the development of filling machine is very rapid. At present, the filling machine is widely used in food, beverage and daily chemical industry. With the emergence of aquatic products, more requirements have been put forward for technology and equipment. Some prospect development of kinds industries of filling machine as below:

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Chemical industry : chemical liquid generally have slight and high corrosion feature that making the filler material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance.Filling machine on the market for food and daily chemical class is conventional filling machine commonly, but more non-corrosive filling machine is required for the production enterprises at present and the increase in the degree of automation and machine stability have higher standards. In recent years, the corrosive liquid filling machine has been developing step by step, and its performance and control have reached the world level. In the next few years, the chemical filling machine in China will gradually go abroad and enter the world market.

Food industry: the competition of food filling machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, food filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of filling equipment to improve, and develop multi-functional, efficient and low-consumption food filling equipment. Many enterprises have annual output of tens of millions less than a few million, which shows that China's filling industry has occupied a dominant position in the market. However, due to the rapid development, some enterprises may fail or change their businesses. Therefore, we should consider from the perspective of market changes and ensure steady development.

The daily chemical industry : the filling machine is rapid in this industry. Cosmetics, some toothpaste, shoe polish and other daily chemical products cannot be separated from the filling machine. Many enterprises are accelerating the production of products so that they use new filling equipment instead of traditional filling equipment, thus accelerating the production efficiency of enterprises. The rapid consumption of the daily chemical market has led to the rapid development of the filling machine in the daily chemical industry.

 In the pharmaceutical industry: some liquid medicine filling or thick liquid filling are derived from the filling machine. Oral liquid, loquat, various kinds of pesticides can be filled by liquid filler or paste filler.

 In other industries : the filling machine also plays an important role. Many people used to adopt the clumsy manual filling method, which is not only inefficient, but also takes up too much human resources, resulting in high production cost of enterprises. Nowadays, automatic filling machine has greatly solved this problem.

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