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Cosmetic equipment you needed for cosmetic production
Oct 29, 2018


Product orientation :

Getting well understanding of customer ‘requirement for machine recommendation .According to production capacity ,choosing suitable machine for reference .Generally speaking ,we would divide production line into two type ,one is semi automatic production line ,the other is full automatic line.We would like to make a simple machine list to help you getting some idea for your own product .

Cream production line

RO water treatment -vacuum emulsifying homogenizing mixer-storage tank -cream filling machine etc

Optional : conveyor ,printer ,labeling machine.sealing machine .shrinking machine etc

Liquid shampoo production line :

RO water treatment -liquid mixer -filling machine-storage tank

Optional : conveyor ,printer ,labeling machine.sealing machine .shrinking machine etc

Lipstick production line:

RO water treatment -lipstick vacuum deforming machine-lipstick filling machine-chiller etc

Optional :conveyor ,capping machine ,printer etc

Powder production line ;

Powder mixer -powder pressing machine-storage tank-powder filling machine etc

Optional: conveyor ,printer ,packing machine etc

Above is main cosmetic equipment for industrial production .Choosing suitable machine with your own market and product orientation . 

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