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Commonly used mixing equipment-Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine
Aug 20, 2018

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The vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is a commonly used mixing equipment in the industrial production. The vacuum homogenizing emulsifying mixer machine are also referred to as "stainless steel stirred tanks, emulsion tanks, mixing pots", etc. When the agitation device is used as a reactor, it is also referred to as a stirred reactor tank. Regularly, the structure of the machine is vertical drum, the machine manufactured by our factory we adopt high quality SUS304 or SUS316L,   

The ratio of the height and the diameter is determined by ratio of the container’s height and diameter, and the charging coefficient. As a typical non-standard equipment, there are many combinations in the function configuration. So, what are the non-standard customization elements of the emulsifier mixer?

There are several mode of the mixing: Blade agitation, anchor mixing, frame mixing, homogenization, dispersion, propulsion, etc. These mixing method can be used alone. You also can choose 2 or 3 mixing method combination, according to the material’s characters and the size of the tank.

In addition to the mixing and agitation method, the emulsifier mixer can also choose whether to add heat, cool or not. Whether it should be sealed, vacuum or pressurized. At the same time, according to the heat transfer requirements of the process, a jacket can be added , and heated by steam or cooling by the cooling water ; when the heat transfer area is insufficient, a coil tube can be disposed inside the layer.

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