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CIP Cleaner of Vacuum Mixer Machine
Nov 24, 2018

CIP cleaning device, commonly known as in-situ cleaning system, is widely used in cosmetic cream, beverage, dairy, fruit juice, fruit pulp, jam, alcohol and other high level mechanized production enterprises. In-situ cleaning is referred to as CIP, also known as cleaning in place. CIP means that the device is not required to be disassembled or moved, that is using a high-temperature and high-concentration to make the device become strong and wash the contact surface with the material and clean and purify the production equipment which is more strict in sanitation level.

Aerospace vacuum mixer machine is equipped with CIP cleaner which can ensure a certain cleaning effect, improve product safety; save operating time, improve efficiency; save labor, ensure operation safety; save water, steam and other energy, reduce detergent dosage; production equipment can achieve large-scale, automated high level and prolong the service life of production equipment. The chemical energy of CIP cleaning mechanism is mainly produced by adding chemicals, and it is the most important factor determining the washing effect.

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