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Application of the vacuum emulsifying mixer in the food industry
Oct 02, 2018
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With the acceleration upgrading of Chinese industrial, manufacturers' demand for precision production equipment are increasing. So the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine become more and more popular for the chemical, food, cosmetic, and pharmacy manufacturers. In the past ten years, Our company is committed to improving the quality of our equipment. According to user’s demands.

In the food and chemical industry, emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing, and dispersing are indispensable operation process.

As a efficient mixing equipment, the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is widely used in chemical, food, pharmacy, cosmetic, paint, etc.

The high shearing vacuum emulsifying mixer can dealing large volume emulsion, the highest rotary speed can reach 3500rpm, frequency adjusting.

Due to the simultaneous treatment with three working heads (rotor and stator), a very narrow particle size distribution is obtained, resulting in smaller drops and particles (0.2-2 microns), so the mixture liquid can be more stable. The dispensing head is easy to replace and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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