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Application of emulsifier in the cosmetics industry
Aug 20, 2018

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Currently,  a increasing number of customers apply the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine to the high viscosity product. So the tradition stator and rotor are unable to meet the product’s requirement. The modular design is particularly outstanding on high-shear emulsifiers. We can achieve different effects by changing the emulsification heads without changing the main structure to meet different application requirements.

The discussion of emulsions is extremely important for the research and production of cosmetics, as well as for preservation and use. The emulsification technology of the high shear emulsifier is also important after determining its reasonable formulation. The mainly technology for cosmetic is mixing.

The process of the emulsifier

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1. Under the efficient of the centrifugal force, the high speed rotation rotors, the material was sucked into the working chamber.
 2. The material is homogenized in the tiny gap between the rotor and stator, to finish the dispersing and emulsifying.
 3. At the outer of the rotor rotating at high speed, a linear velocity of at least 15 m/s should be generated, up to 40 m/s, and form a strong shearing. And the material is sufficiently dispersed, emulsified, and homogenized After once treatment or cycle treatment, the dispersion, emulsification and homogenization process are finally completed.   

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