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Aerospace Color Cosmetic Production Line
Oct 25, 2018

Aerospace Color cosmetic production line

There are varieties of cosmetics in our daily life, which can be divided into creams, gel, powders and liquids according to the production process and their external forms. According to the use, it can be divided into cleaning, skin care, powder, hair care, hair color and so on. According to the needs of the beauty profession, cosmetics for skin can be divided into cleansing, skin care, treatment and whitewashing. Through this course, you will be able to understand their respective characteristics, ingredients and functions, and apply them to different types of skin and suit different needs.

Lipstick prodution line

Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetic in color cosmetic.The main ingredients contain waxes, oils and pigments. Lipstick, also known as lipbalm and lip pencil, is a product that makes the lips rosy and lustrous, moisturizing, and protecting the lips, increasing facial beauty and correcting the contours of the lips. It is a essential cosmetic product for women.

Lip cosmetics are used to embellish and beautify the lips, giving the lips a seductive color and a beautiful appearance, highlighting its advantages, covering up various defects such as: adjusting the mouth shape, making the narrow unevenness of the lips wide, and the wide fleshy lips. It becomes narrow and can be used to change the shape of the entire face, and to moisturize the lips and prevent the lips from cracking. Including lipstick, lip balm, bright lip oil and lip liner

In addition to the common ingredients in lipbalm, lipsticks also contain chemical components such as softeners and colorants. The effect of lipstick is to color the lips and make the makeup last longer.

Lip gloss filling machineLipstick filling machineLipstick filling machine

Powder prodcution line

The powder cosmetic has the longest category of beauty cosmetics, which can regulate the skin tone.avoid excessively smooth and excessive dry oily skin, absorb sweat and sebum, enhance the continuity of cosmetics, and produce a smooth, delicate, soft fluffy skin feel. This requires the powder to have four characteristics of concealing force, adhesion, slipperiness and absorption.

Concealing power is an important property of powder. It refers to covering various defects on the skin and the nature of the skin. It also means blocking the ultraviolet rays in the sun and has a sunscreen effect; the attachment is an excellent adhesion property on the skin, that is, Evenly spread on the skin and has a certain durability, and it is resistant to moist air and sweat. The smoothness makes the powder have a certain fluidity, spreads well on the skin, and evenly forms a film; absorption refers to The absorption properties of sweat and sebum make it apply to the skin without greasy feeling.

Powde pressing machinepowder pressing machinepowder pressing machine

Mascara production line

The main raw materials of mascara are stearic acid, beeswax, paraffin wax, wax, carnauba wax, lanolin, glyceryl monostearate, soap, inorganic pigments, water and preservatives.

The high quality mascara must have the following characteristics
①It is non-irritating to the eyes and skin, and will not hurt your eyes even if you accidentally enter your eyes.
②It has a moderate luster and guarantees the use effect.
③The product is even and delicate, easy to use, easy to brush, and will not cause the eyelashes to become hard and agglomerate after use.
④It has moderate dryness and is not affected by moisture. It will not stick to the eyelids after drying. Easy to remove .

mascara filling machinevacuum emulsifying mixer

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