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Advantage of the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine with PLC touch screen control
Oct 05, 2018

50L Top homogenizing machine with PLC control.jpgIn the market of the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine, the control method can be customized according to customers demand. Usually, we have button control or PLC touch screen control two type.

With the innovation of the technology in the chemical machinery industry. The automation degree of vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is getting higher and higher. The PLC application is one of the most important part in the automatic technology. So, What are the application advantages of PLC for the vacuum emulsifier?
PLC control makes the equipment operation flexible, and its application advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. The built-in program controls every parts of the machine, integrated operation, reduce work intensity.

2. The machine appearance is beautiful .

3. The operation is controlled by the PLC program , and the relevant process data can be recorded according to the requirements of the user;

4. Continuous working capacity is large, can be recycled and homogeneous, especially suitable for continuous production of single-variety products;
5. Simple operation and better emulsification homogenization.

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