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Advantage and application of stainelss steel storage tank
Dec 18, 2018

storage tank 33.jpg

storage tank 33.jpg


1) Stainless steel tank has strong anti-corrosion characteristic ,which is would not be rusted by air and chlorine. Each stainless steel tank would be checked with professional pressure testing .

2) The sealing of stainless steel is excellent ; Sealing type design of tank prevent any hazardous substance and mosquito in air from water.and also prevent water from outside pollution and chironomid  larvae .

3) Stream design of tank prevent precipitate under the tank from turn-up . The silt load of water could decreased around 48.5%.  Meanwhile ,  water pressure would increased obviously that could improve water standard and fire demand .

4) Stainless steel storage tank no need washing frequently.  The precipitate of water could be discharged regularly from discharging outlet on the bottom of storage tank . Furring cleaning every three years . which could avoid virus pollution and reduce cleaning cost .

Application of stainless steel

1) Comparing with plastic storage tank ,stainless steel storage tank could stand higher pressure which is make of stainless steel. Sealing effects of stainless steel tank is better thank plastic which could prevent virus and mosquito invasion ,could make sure material be polluted . Most of stainless steel storage tank be used to storage product in food , medicine ,cosmetic ,dairy ,and wine line.  

Aerospace Machinery hope that our storage tank could service you one day .

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