• Mascara Filling Machine

    The semi-automatic pressure filling machine is a kind of filling machine which suitable for the high viscosity material. Such as the mascara and nail polish.
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  • Nail Polish Filling Machine

    Nail polish filling machine adopt rotary turntable filling, automatic inner cap drop, filling and tightening th caps.Filling quantity can be control in order to meet customers actually need.
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  • Powder Pressing Machine

    The powder pressing amchine is applied to press the color cosmetic powder product, such as the powder cake, blush, eye shadow.In piece on the cylinder automatic powder, powder quantity can be adjusted in accordance with the powder compared to the corresponding
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  • High Speed Powder Mixing Machine

    High Speed powder Mixing machine is applied to the color cosmetic powder. To deal small batch powder, convenient and fast.
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  • One-shaft Side-printing Color Mixer

    The one-shaft-side printing color mixer is made by high quality stainless steel.It is applied to mix the powder material.The high speed Screw blade mixing the raw material equally.
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  • Three-shaft Side Printing Color Mixer

    The three shaft side printing color mixer is utilizing a special angle of high-speed rotating blades to homogenize the raw materials. The structure of the machine adopts four axes mixing design, spindle stirring stirs raw material up at high speed, and the left three side...
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  • 12 Nozzle Pen Type Filling Machine

    The 12 Nozzle pen type filling machine, is designed to filling the pen type product, such as the lipstick pen, Eyeliner, eyebrow pencil. The simple operation and high working efficient make it very popular among the lipstick manufacturer.
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  • 12nozzles Lipstick Filling Machine

    Aerospace 12 Nozzle Lipstick filling machine has two hoppers with heating function and adopts 304 L/316 L stainless steel material that is benefited to produce sanitary lipstick and lip balm products etc.Besides, this machine has a high working efficiency with completely...
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  • Doulbe Color Cream Rotary Filling Machine

    The double color cream rotary filling machine is design for the Multi colors product such as the double color lip gloss, double color eyeshadow, high light,and blush etc.This machine has two heating hopper that is widely promoted the working efficiency by exchanging hopper....
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  • Airblowing Lipstick Demoulding Machine

    The air blowing lipstick demoulding machine is applied to making lipstick, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, and others which need to demould from the mould. It is one of auxiliary equipment for the lipstick, eyebrow pencil or eye liner...
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  • Eyeshadow Pressing Machine

    Aerospace eyeshadow pressing machine is designed especially by Aerospace Machinery suitable for eyeshadow powder industries. It is convenient to disassemble mold and change it for producing different powdery cake products, the molds are unique and precise by using two male...
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  • Cosmetic Powder Press Equipment

    Aerospace cosmetic powder press equipment is mainly used to produce powder cake,eye shadow powder and adopts imported SUS 304 L material which is meet the requirement of being sanitary and it is comply with GMP standard. Every customer can produce multi colors eye shadow...
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